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    Ok ok I lied and you all likely getting tired of my postings.
    I kind of remember what these went for and what I paid l, but wanted to have some confirmation.

    This thing is mint, honestly I dont think it's ever been used. No scratches or Mark's. And even the plastic sticker with lettering on the foam butt is mint.

    So what is it worth?
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    Back in the day, I think, they went from like $100-$140 range, new.. πŸ€” With todays, ICD lever changer w/ optional stock available(on occasion 😏), in that same price range. Unless, someone wants it for nostalgic reasons. Then that's probably, about the going price, $140-$150-ish range.... IMHO. πŸ˜‰
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      $150 range

      If you have a 6pak they go for significantly more

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        Probably not going to get what the ICD bring. But thats a really nice one. I would say $125 would be a fair price. Some of these had a cool built in check valve that was really neat.

        Thes can be a lil more particular on what 12g you put in them and the stock isn’t removable. If you wanted to run it verticality occasionally. But they are great changers. I really like the nice big lever for those of us with sausage fingers. I believe you can still source rebuild kits for these as well. I think they take off the shelf piece pins and such.


          Someone like me will pay 2 hundo.


            I sold a well used, but good condition Micro CA last year for $125 FWIW.
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              I have a Micro CA 2 and a ICD lever and I prefer the micro ca2. The one thing that the ICD lever has going for it is that it is quite a bit shorter if used without the stock part.


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                Editing a comment
                I have both and prefer the Micro CA II