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Making Apoc Feed Components Work Together

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    Making Apoc Feed Components Work Together

    I finally cobbled together the various parts I wanted to have a gen4 Apoc feed setup with the full-length spring feed that matches the length of the 11" barrel. But oh, if it were only that simple. I ended up snagging a *Gen 1* pheed and cutting the integrated feed get off, to use the tube with Gen 4 hardware. But the tube is a little loose in the gate. The shorter tube I have uses two o-rings to keep it nice and stable, but I don't think that's an option here. So what do y'all think is the best way to keep the tube nice and snug in the gate? I could use some tape wrapped around the tube, or, more drastically, drill a small hole in the side of the gate for a set screw, or even drill the gate and the tube for a retaining screw. But with more work like that comes more chances to break things, especially when we're dealing with printed parts. Thoughts?

    (And don't worry, I kept the Gen 1 integrated feed gate section; it can still be used as a standalone feed gate, and could probably be modded onto a Sheridan, too. I'll finding something to do with it, probably.)

    I would start with the most simple solution of tape. You can hide it so the aesthetic doesn't stick out too badly and it's easily removable if you decide to go a different route. I would avoid modifying any printed parts for the reasons you mentioned. The printed stuff can become brittle with use.
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      Yeah, a few layers of tape around the very back of the feed tube did it. Hidden within the gate, nice and secure. Not a permanent solution, but probably close enough to work.