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High vacuum grease for fittings?

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    High vacuum grease for fittings?

    So, Im doing a job that cqlls out for high vqcuum hrease to be used on my electrical box fittings to help prevent water seepage.

    This stuff is basucally thick silicone that doesnt harden. And is meant to seal.

    I got to thinking, I wonder how it would work on air fittings. If it worked under paintball pressures. This could be a great way to quickly seal fittings, while they stayed clean as you simply wipe the excess off after threading.

    Anyone try this out? I think Ipp snag the tube for the weekend and see if it works om a test marker.

    what do ya think?

    Well, since you have no serious answers I feel obliged to give you this answer: It sucks.. 'cause it's for vacuums...

    According to the data sheet it's used in fire extinguisher valves and for ceramic plug cocks. I don't know what a ceramic plug cock is, but I can appreciate whatever it is it needs to be well greased.

    Just make sure to use it on something cheap in case something goes horribly wrong.
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      I'm going to say no, it probably won't work. But vacuum is measured completely differently than positive pressure.

      Vacuum is measured in torr (differential) and inches mercury column (inHg). A perfect vacuum is 0 torr, or 29.92inHg. That's about -14.7psi.

      But my knowledge of the subject is limited to what we use in the factory, and the HVAC side of things.


        I'm pretty sure medium vacuum is around 15inHg. So high is probably around 18-20inHg.


          If I had it, I would give it a go. First test on a beater marker. I highly doubt there is anything in it that would harm a paintball marker, but it never hurts to be cautious. If it’s thick stuff, my immediate and probably only concern if I was trying it would be excess. If a glob got loose and went downstream, it might cause operational problems. That just means I would have to diagnose, tear down, and clean the goop out.
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          • BrickHaus


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            I never thought of it mixing with your grease or oil and working into the system. Yeah Ill likely avoid it. Just seemed like it would work with enough thread tension and viscocity.

          • flyweightnate
            flyweightnate commented
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            Vacuum can't go lower than -14.7psi, because then there's nothing left. We're working at 800psi. Might not be great.

            Try Vibratite. It's gooey and can handle more pressure.