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Nelson Springs

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    Nelson Springs

    Sets of Nelson Springs are getting a little hard to find. Does anyone know if they could be purchased from a Spring distributor (McMasters-Carr, The Spring Store,, or what a suitable (and available) replacement would be?

    Thanks to the MCB guru's in advance.
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    (I did find this I wonder if those numbers are part numbers. I’m going to dig tonight)

    I would love to find a place I could order the exact springs CCI uses for there kits. (Particularly the Silver ones)

    I would buy a bag of them in bulk they weeken over time and there is nothing like fresh springs to keep them performing perfectly. I only got a few kits left and I have used most of my Silver sets fixing and tuning Phantoms.

    I just don’t know how to even go about finding the right ones. Is there a standard way of Measuring them? Like a tool or something? Count the coils, measure the length, width and gage of material used? How do you even find them it can’t be expensive to buy in bulk. But I only use two springs out of the kit for everything. I would love to find the exact ones. Like I did for the under cocking kit bolt and washer that often gets striped out from people over tightening and not using a dab of locktight.

    Its definitely an off the shelf item just got to figure out what shelf it’s on…lol

    Also Extreme has Factory spring kits in stock if you need them. I think they are like $13+ shipping.


      Depending on valve length and cup seal size, I have heard that you can use Inception's cocker spring kit on Nelsons. Might take a while to figure out the combo but once you do, those kits are very easily accessible.


        Actually... there is a standard way of measuring springs. All you need is some calipers and some time.
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        I figure most of our springs are stainless or mine would have rusted by now.

        You can also use Spring Rate to narrow the search. This is the lbs of force required to compress the spring "X" inches (I used 0.375" of compression)
        Rate = LBS÷X

        You also need to know what kind of ends the springs have - I think we use "Closed and Square" or "Closed and Ground" mostly.

        Click image for larger version

Name:	Spring ends.PNG
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        The good news is that several of these Spring Suppliers let you make CUSTOM SPRINGS (probably costs a mint).

        I would measure my springs, but not a single one still has any color left, so the information would not be worth a whole lot.
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        Home Field: Arkenstone, Acworth, GA

        Paintball Marker Animations
        CO2 Pressure versus Temperature

        Paintball Tank Hydro-test requirements


          I just pulled my spring and measured it. Closed and ground. 1.840" in length, .048 in wire diameter and .463 in OD. Looking at Lee Springs nothing really falls exactly like it but I'll check the force soon and see where that falls as well.

          Rate: My measurement shows a rate of 9.8 lbs / inch

          If you were really interested in getting them duplicated you could send a new spring to a manufacturer to duplicate. There would likely be an NRE charge but it probably wouldn't be too crazy cost wise.
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            Very cool


              bought a set of 10 from someone on eBay , glad I did.when they were available

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                For older snipers/cockers that have the Nelson style lower tube, are we limited to trying out springs like the Inception kit as mentioned above? Or will Phantom springs work? I may be getting myself a cool wire detent mini'd pre 2k with the older guts - would be cool to keep all of that as-is, but I like to try different spring combos.
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