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Why does everyone hate the coloured oring kits?

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    Originally posted by Trbo323 View Post
    For me it's a couple things and while I think the colored o rings were created with good intentions I think they have kind of evolved into

    1) it facilitates lazy players. Why bother knowing the size when you just need the "red" o ring?

    2) allowed for huge mark ups from manufacturers. A 5 cent o ring now costs $1 because the "red" o ring can only be purchased from dye

    3) allowed the manufactures to force players to buy from them. If you need the "red" o ring for your dye marker, nobody else sells it. And while sure that ring is a common size and durometer, dye removed the specs in the manual.

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    I fully agree with this and have been saying/thinking it for years.

    By and large, the average paintball player has zero relevant education/experience with seals. Combine that with (just going by general observation here) an overwhelming disinterest in further education or concern with how their marker truly functions, and you've got a good case for *COLORS* instead of *SPECS.*

    From the manufacturer's perspective, this will (hopefully) result in reduced human error (color = poka yoke) and fewer CS calls/claims, which should reduce costs. And as you mentioned, it could result in increased profits since many of these players will go straight to the manufacturer for what is actually a commodity because they lack the ability or will to be self-sufficient.


      Originally posted by MrBarraclough View Post
      Related question: How important is it to replace buna with buna? Would it be a problem to replace, say bolt and bolt can o-rings on a spoolie, bunanitrile o-rings with urethane?
      Good question, and it's really a matter of seal application/location.

      In some cases, it won't matter one bit, such as a static outer can seal. In a case such as a valve seal in a blowforward, which sees decoupling and nibbling in some cases, urethane can provide improved durability/longevity via improved abrasion resistance. However, it has poorer compression set characteristics than buna, so it may wear quicker in that fashion. It's all a matter of the seal itself, seal gland design and the loads the seal sees during use. If you want to better understand that kind of stuff from a fundamental perspective (not just paintball, but the lessons carryover), there's some very good online literature to help with that.

      I use a mix of 70 and 90 durometer buna, 70 and 90 durometer cast urethane, and X-Rings in most of my markers.

      Here are a couple posts I've made on other forums that may help: