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Help with o ring kits

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    Help with o ring kits

    Hello again all! Used to post here a time ago but my profile was deleted. I recently came into possession of an evil pimp and an angel LED. I never thought I would even have an angel in my hands let alone own one. My question is where is a good place to pick up o ring kits for these markers. They've been sitting for over 10 years and I want them to run... Thank you in advance

    Welcome back. In your absence the entire site fell victim to a ransom hack and we’re building it back up.

    As for o-rings, personally I’m milking a large Dye o-ring kit for all its worth. Has most o-ring sizes I’ve needed.

    Someone will chime in with a couple options of websites where you can order various sized o-rings and you can make your own kit.’s-feedback


      Here's a couple options in this thread....O-ring thread, if you want to build you own kit/bulk-up.

      Oh and welcome back! 😉
      Carp 's Feedback
      Carp 's WTB/WTT


        I just purchased a bunch of orings from The Oring Store. Just find your oring specs and you can get them in the proper sizes, materials and hardnesses. You need to order minimum $1 worth of orings in each size (usually 5-20 orings depending on material, hardness, size).

        I built a couple rebuild kits for my automag and a bunch of common size ones in various specs for general rebuild kits. These aren't colour coded or anything so you'll want to have some sort of organizer to sort them.

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          You'll want the manuals and if they don't have proper seal callouts, you'll need to do some more research/dig a bit deeper....or remove each seal and use a combination of logic/measurement with calipers. Starting with the link I provided + will make for a good start.


            If you want colored oring that’s fully embedded use Captain15 for 15% off captain oring website.


              Thank you for all the input. The only manual I have is for the angel. The pimp was apparently early release for pros. The person I got them from used to play pro for blue's crew. Hence the blue's crew hammerhead barrel in the bottom of the pic. Hopefully there are callouts for the o rings in the manual as the angel is yielding nothing. I have however located a couple sites that have rings for the pimp including one on Amazon.