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Paintball mines

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  • Toestr
    The master mine is obviously made by a company. The round ones look homemade.

    There are a couple tutorials on YouTube to make the round ones. They're pretty safe because they don't remain under pressure; stepping on them punctures a 12g. I still wouldn't want a homebrew one being used as field owner though.

    You will need to have a bunch of them to lay a 'minefield' though. Even then, they're more just to slow an enemy down to eliminate them when using a certain path/deny them a route. Tripwires will be more effective in smaller numbers than pressure pad ones.

    Also, if you're going to use this, please for the love of God put flour/talc/chalk dust in instead of paint water. I'd be so pissed off if I have gear ruined from one of these, not to mention be soaked and cold the rest of the day.

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  • Grendel
    Paintball was a lot more fun when we were, mah about "safety" compared to the near hyper vigilence now.

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  • BrickHaus
    I recall seeing the master mines at Gander Mountian back in the day. I wanna say they were like 150 bucks or something. I always oogled em, but knew I couldnt afford them.

    The others I dont recognize, but if they are schedule 80 pvc they should be alright if you use a regulstrd fill pressure.

    The big issue is, whos got a field where they can be put to use? Most fields wont let you use them. Especially with a trip wire potentially causing a fall.

    You need an outlaw field where someone is willing to set these up and maintain them.

    I wish a field would use them. I think it would be a blast myself. A field where the refs scatter bouncing betties on the field before start, and you just may get elimenated by the field just as much as by other folk.

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  • DocsMachine
    I seem to recall a magazine ad for the Master Mine, though I only remember the general shape, not the name. You might well be the first one to give us a proper review since the company folded.

    The round ones I've never seen before. No idea how they work, but yeah, they sure do look home-made or at least garage-shop made, using off-the-shelf plumbing parts.

    The thing in the white box, as I'm sure you've seen from inside the top cover, is a tripwire mechanism that uses a glowstick. When the wire is pulled, the lever breaks the stick and starts it glowing. Not sure what it was ever used for normally, but on the paintball field, of course it'd be used during 24-hour games. Somebody trips it on a path at night, the team is both warned and has light to shoot by.

    The Holy Grail of mines is one from way back in the beginning. Steel shell, pressurized with shop compressed air, and had a pop up lawn sprinkler type nozzle. Supposedly very effective, but were also something like $100 each, and being made from steel, if not carefully cleaned and maintained, would rust badly in short order. One of those in near-new or even just usable condition these days is basically a rare collectible.


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  • FredMnkyDad10
    started a topic Paintball mines

    Paintball mines

    Hey all,

    I went to pick up something locally and the person had these. Said it was something they used when playing large games out in the woods or buildings. The mines would be split between teams, lots of players on both sides were taken out.

    Can be filled with water or paintballs.

    The round stubby ones are for buried. the long skinny ones with L brackets are for doors, when door is open it rains on the people. All have safety pins while you bury them they dont go off and trip wires too.

    he was not sure if they were home brew PVC or made by a company. Some seem to have a sticker on the side, but since they were painted, you cant read anything.

    do these look familiar to anyone, company made or home brew(besides the master mine)

    And what are these go for. Do wish I had an area to give them a try.
    thanks for any information.
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