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Tank reg sounds like a rattle can?

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    Tank reg sounds like a rattle can?

    Sold someone a 13ci and they sent a video asking why it's making this sound. Almost sounds like when you shake a can of spray paint.

    The sound is familiar though, I feel like I have heard this on tanks before...and I am trying to remember if it was doing this before I shipped it off. Confirmed the ball bearing in the valve is fine. Almost sounds like the main spring is moving up and down?
    Originally posted by SignOfZeta;
    Us beardos with wallets need to occasionally make our voices heard.

    Fill nipple when empty, if its aired up should go away. it's fairly common and not a defect


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      OH yeah, that's right...I knew that sound was so familiar. Like "this isn't broken, it's something else that isn't a big deal..." brain farts

    Lol no worries usually tanks are not completely empty unless your shipping them so no rattle


      You actually want to hear that rattle when the tank is completely empty, as it means that the piston in the fill nipple is moving freely.