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Oring recommendation for tank reg

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    Oring recommendation for tank reg

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Name:	20210621_151123.jpg
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    Had a leak at the set screw near the tnak thread, decided to open it.
    Found a dead oring on the piston. Could I use a standard oring with 70 harness at this location or I need hard oring (urethane 90 I would assume?)

    Its a pure energy tank reg 3000 psi

    Found the manual the oring info

    They ask for 90 but I only have 70...

    Also pin valve seal (6) is not specified (look like an automag on off teflon oring)
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_20210621-165533_OneDrive.jpg
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      I would really go with Urethane 90 if you can.

      These guys have a lot of sizes:

      Also - Most all regs I have seen use a teflon o ring as you suspected near the pin in the #6 position you mentioned.