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Phantom Not Pumping Smoothly

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    Phantom Not Pumping Smoothly

    I am relatively new to phantoms. I bought one last year and finally got around to using it.

    It pumps fine without air, slide just fine without air. However when aired up it pumps back fine, but the pull forward is much harder.

    I took it apart tonight and it looks like the issue is when the bolt attaches to the hammer pull each other crooked on the power tube and don't slide easy.

    I looked at the phantom manual and I don't see anything I am missing or looking out of the ordinary,.

    Can you let me know if there is something I am missing or should do to fix this issue?

    Click image for larger version

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    Those definitely look like older internals(might even be Nelspot guts.. 🤔) Upgraded internals: Bolt, hammer and new valve stem should fix you right up. You also could try loosening the grip frame screws, just slightly. Then giving the pump rod/pump just a little bit of a shimmy/shake/wiggle/pump back and forth.. a bit and then tighten it all back down. That may fix your issues.. But, it's probably the older internals binding on you. 😉

    Here's a picture of my valve stem/hammer/bolt...

    Click image for larger version  Name:	20210623_225936.jpg Views:	0 Size:	3.66 MB ID:	144276
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      Your bolt and Hammer are early first gen non anti+kink type.... Basically you have to replace the bolt the hammer and the valve stem if you want to get rid of the drag. Otherwise it is what it is. Nelson's are a fun bit of design.


        UGH...I bought this because I figured Phantoms are simple no need to worry about upgrades or anything...Meanwhile I keep dumping money into it.

        Is there a better place to buy parts than It looks like the Hammer is out of stock there.

        I assume these are the parts I need. I can't find a Valve Stem on their site. Is that the rod piece the hammer slides on?


          You will also need a power tube...

          Looks like you bought a unibody


            No it is not a unibody, maybe someone just swapped the internals from a unibody?


              Originally posted by shooter311 View Post
              No it is not a unibody, maybe someone just swapped the internals from a unibody?
              More likely the body got swapped


                Those are unibody internals. They are the older internals without the anti kink features. As long as it’s not a unibody you can swap the proper internals into the body you have. It sounds to me that someone swapped older internals into the marker and sold it to you. Nelson’s should be a smooth but stiff pump stroke especially with the newer style internals. You would need to basically swap everything over to run the new stuff. Phantoms values are based on parts because they are so modular. Buying them piece by piece is the most expensive way to build them.


                  Well, instead of buying all new parts, it seems like it would be way cheaper to just buy another phantom and sell this one... The pump stroke isn't bad, but I bought an undercocking kit from Rainmaker and he said the pump should return itself after pumping, it doesn't due to the internals so I wanted to make sure there wasn't something wrong with it. I may try giving it a go on the field and see if it bothers me too much. I am going from a cocker pump so this feels like a12 gauge pump stroke in comparison...


                  • Jonnydread


                    Editing a comment
                    Even with all the right stuff a Phantom is going to feel way different. I love my Phantom, but coming from a cocker pump it's a weird transition

                  I recently bought a used Phantom and replaced the internals with the newer anti-kink design and it made a world of difference. You’ll need a new hammer, tuned port compensator (the part that screws into the bolt for velocity adjustment), and power tube. It’s tough to find these parts anywhere so I purchased them from Thankfully my unibody was only $20 so the high price of new internals didn’t bother me too much. I’ll let you decide whether it’s worth swapping internals.

                  Phantom unibody - how to remove the pump handle & bolt?


                    Also Make sure your pump arm is not bent that can cause it to bind a bit. Also make sure it’s fully engaged in the proper hole in the bolt and the Channel it rides in is clear of old paint and dirt.