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Price check on a Stock class Phantom and a Tippmann Kameleon

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  • Macdave06
    I would bet someone would pay 80-100 for that chameleon since it has some upgrades too

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  • Junglepeanut
    commented on 's reply
    I will let you know

  • Ego10Baller
    When you do have a price on the phantom, I'm interested

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  • Price check on a Stock class Phantom and a Tippmann Kameleon

    Trying to decide if these are worth selling or if I am going to just hang on to them. Phantom has the markings wearing off but it's in good shape. Kameleon is the green/purple color changing thing. Obviously has a cut frame and a few upgrades. Face of the bolt is really weird looking but I don't feel like pulling it out to see what it is and I know nothing about Tippmanns. Shoots well....... Any advice in what these are worth would be appreciated

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