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lapco grey ghost

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  • Grendel
    Colin introduced them in 1988 and made somewhere around 2000 of them. Given your serial number I would guess somewhere around 1990-91, especially since it looks like you have the solid plastic black grips. The earlier ones tended to have wood grips and the last had hollow back black plastic grips. You might contact LAPCO and ask if they have any record but IIRC Colin really did not keep good records. You look like you have a very nice example with all of the correct hardware, great find! I love my LAPCOs if you ever get bored with it......

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  • wthomas333
    My old Ghost actually has the date hand engraved into the underside of the body. I don’t know why and seriously doubt that it was normal, but couldn’t hurt to check.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	7833B75E-A4D1-46C3-B680-B9E88C9A6CBD.jpeg
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  • Magageddon
    started a topic lapco grey ghost

    lapco grey ghost

    Picked up a grey ghost off marketplace today for 425 with some gear, always wanted one, but never see them come up for sale. Was wondering how old this one might be?
    the serial number on her is 1658
    thanks Click image for larger version

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