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Halo family of hoppers

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    Halo family of hoppers

    I have an Empire halo type hopper that I cannot identify. It is definitely either sound or percussion activated and has 2 modes that I was able to make out in the board. Both red and green flash three times when I use the standard Halo Too program sequence. I know it isn't a Too but other than that I am totally clueless. So many in this family!! Help is greatly appreciated

    Ps it has a rip drive but the wheel is broken.

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    Looks like the Empire Reloader B or B2. Its a rebranded, sound activated Halo from when the great merger started. Before everything was KEE.

    They have a rebranded sound activated revvy too.


      I second reloader B. These were good hoppers until they weren't, so to speak. Run perfectly for a long time then suddenly just hard to fix, dunno what it was. Well, that and battery doors...


        Reloader b

        Just turn it on somewhere quiet and it should run just fine

        It takes a baseline reading when you turn it on so if it's noisy that baseline is set high and it won't register shots

        I ran one for around 7 years. It was a great little hopper

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