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f1 illustrator help, parts id

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    f1 illustrator help, parts id

    Hi I picked up this f1 illustrator. Can anyone tell me about the parts on it? It has a lone star grip, with asa through grip. It has a short barrel, brass barrel, and a ported barrel with a grip on it. Are these parts stock? Any idea on value?

    The images are to big to upload.

    None of those are stock barrels. F1 Illustrators came with a threaded aluminum barrel with no porting and a foam bicycle grip over it (by now most likely rotted away). The aluminum barrel with the vertical grip is an early Smart Parts 2 part (glued) All American barrel. The Brass barrel is likely an old school J&J or PPS barrel. I have no idea on the short stubby barrel, is the end raw? It has the looks of a cut down OEM barrel but not sure.

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    • Pumpytrilly1


      Editing a comment
      I'll have to double check, but the end did appear raw.

      Thanks so much for your help!