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regulator consistency

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    regulator consistency

    I was thinking today, wouldn't the regulator consistency be the biggest impact on accuracy? I see +-15 on the chrono regularly is the regulator to blame?

    Paint quality is the biggest fluctuation over the chrono these days.

    If paint is heavier and more consistent the. Iโ€™d be worried about your reg.

    If you clean it, lube it and make sure your seals are in good condition thatโ€™s about all you can do.

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      Yeah the marker design has a lot to do with consistency as well. In general, more dynamic (moving) o rings = less consistent

      You can take the same regulator between 2 markers and get different consistency numbers

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        the angel section there was a member that looked into the recharge rate, pressure stability, and consistency. They used a few pressure transducers and graphed out a sting of shots.


          Originally posted by superman View Post
          Paint quality is the biggest fluctuation over the chrono these days.
          I think this is the end all these days. Back when paint was larger and more consistent things like regulators made a more noticeable difference, but these days when paint size/shape is all over the place it's hard to really tell how much of a difference the regulator makes.
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            When I get fresh graffiti and a 687 insert consistency is great, +-5.

            When I use fresh GI field paint or 3 star with a 693 bore it's more like +-15. I get less barrel breaks but can't seem to solve the not breaking on opponents problem.

            So when I see +-15 or more, I usually do a thorough clean and lube, and maybe change an o ring.


              I usually do the breakdown and lube when I see the +-15 as well. I noticed coming back to play way more bounces than I remember but it could just be the heat swelling the balls.