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Automag shooting double balls sometimes

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    Automag shooting double balls sometimes

    I was playing woodsball this weekend with my automag. Ocassionally it would shoot two balls with one trigger pull. Is this because of small paint?

    set up
    automag left power feed
    powerlyte double trigger frame
    armson rifled barrel with plastic detent
    revolution hopper

    Sounds like a small paint/detent issue. Perhaps one of Docs barrel adapters would be good, they use Spyder style detents instead.


      If you can find one of the wire detents I find they do a bit better job and can be adjusted a tad. Other option is apperently taping the plastic detents (never tried this). And lastly the docs barrel adapter with a cocker threaded barrel of your choice.

      For my newer build I just opted to go the ULE body route but that’s a lot more $$$ than other options. I just really prefer shooting classic valved Mags (have done so for over 20 years why change now) so figured why not since I prefer center feed anyways.
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        Yup, basically all your options have been listed. I'm personally a fan of the tape over the nub on the plastic detent trick, as it's going to be your cheapest option and will let you retain the old school look/functionality. Don't know how well it will work with force feed loaders (if you decide to go for one) though.

        I've put reballs and smaller modern paint in the breach and shaken the gun as hard as I could with no roll outs.

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          My automag double feeds like fucking crazy unless I am using a stock dual detented barrel.

          ​​​​​​I have had some luck with bending in wire detents, but it's not nearly as good as doubling up on the "O" Rings on a stock dual detented barrel.

          ​​​​​For my local field paint at least, a bent wire detent was more effective at preventing double feeds then a Docs adapter. I believe Doc has said he can dual detent the adapters, (which would probably solve all issues forever) but I'm not sure what the process for buying a dual detented one is like since none are listed anywhere. I would shoot him a message and see how it goes.


            Yep, it's a mismatch between today's smaller paint and the large breach of an old twistlock barrel. The plastic nubbin is simply insufficient to cover the gap. And the old Armsons are severely overbore for modern paint. You can try using an old wire detent (or make a copy of one using a paperclip; it's not that hard) and bending it in a little. That may work to an extent, you just have to be careful not to bend it too far, otherwise it may catch on the bolt and get bent backwards. I attempted to solve the double/overfeeding in my friend's mag by both bending the wire nubbin in a bit and coating it in Plasti-Dip. That didn't work out so well. The grip created by the Plasti-Dip made it catch on the bolt, which bent it backwards and gouged a little trough in the bore.

            The best solution I have found, which I use in my own mag, is simply to install a Doc's adapter. That gives you a rubber finger detent that's easily replaceable, but at the cost of making your old twistlock barrels obsolete. It adds a little weight to the gun, but the AC threaded barrels are lighter than the twistlocks so the net difference is either zero or negligible. At least my mag now shares barrels with my Dye and Proto guns.

            If you ever want to run a force-fed loader, I think a Doc's adapter or ULE body will be necessary. Twistlock detents just don't seem to resist the pressure from the hopper well enough to prevent overfeeding. I bought my friend a Halo Too for Christmas and was dismayed to find that it turns his mag (with stock barrel) into a paint blender. On my adapter-converted mag, a force fed hopper has virtually eliminated chopping.

            If you really want to keep running your old twistlock barrels there might be another solution: Have a machinist mill out a slot for using rubber finger detents in them. I've asked Doc about this and he said he's never gotten that request but it should be pretty straightforward. I think it's just a matter of having enough barrels you want to convert to make it worthwhile to ship them off and have it done.

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              Several people have since asked me about detenting a twistlock, but no one's sent one in yet. (And the only twistlock barrels I have left are basically collector's items that I'd rather not modify- like a stainless 10" LAPCO.)

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                Hey Doc, have you thought about stocking a double detented adapter on a more permanent basis? I think with how paint has shrunk in the past five years they would sell more than the single detent types. I have six of your adapters and if it had been an option I definitely would have chose double detents! Also, a 10in Lapco stainless is a barrel I've never seen before, that is special.

              • Myrkul


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                I think stocking dual detented mag adapters is an awesome idea too.

              Originally posted by Tinybear View Post
              If you can find one of the wire detents I find they do a bit better job and can be adjusted a tad. Other option is apperently taping the plastic detents (never tried this). And lastly the docs barrel adapter with a cocker threaded barrel of your choice.
              I was having an issue of roll outs on my mag-fed mag. I did just this the other day. I put a little piece of sparky boy tape on the Outside of the detent so when you push the barrel into the body the tape acts as a small spring between the detent and the body. Also replacing the barrel orings with newer orings can help as well.