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Another valuation request thread

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    Another valuation request thread

    So I hit up a couple CL ads and came away with what seems like a decent haul. Not sure about value though.

    The first was a Rap4 T68 with 8 functional D mags. Its missing the rear stock and the upper bolt pin, but it already has the lock bolt, ball drop and D mag conversion so I figured the cost of a few miscellaneous parts. I paid less than what MCS charges for a 5 pack of D mags so ....

    Second haul was a minty Spyder MR1 with the stock intact, a nice looking VL High Voltage, a good shape and fully functional VL Quantum, 3 unknown to me JT and JT Type masks, 2 small CO2 tanks AND the piece de resistance, a ziploc freezer bag full of 10 year old paint for my slingshot!!!

    What's this crap worth? The quantum I figure to be 20ish, the MR1 seem to be going for 75-100 on the bay, obviously somewhat inflated but it's a solid little mil-like mech for the beginner. The HV is a weird one. Only saw one sold listing at 30, so I figure that's about right. The masks are basic black, not cracked but definitely dead lenses, and EOL straps. Nothing to retire on and the last time I tried to get an appraisal on the Book I heard crickets for a similar set of basic JTs. Adding a few pics for reference.

    Any help is appreciated, and it's all going except for the T68, mags, and MR1 ( thinking about giving it to my nephew) so they'll be on the BST soon!!

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    Some of those pictures are pretty balls-trippy…. Sorry, no help on values.
    Cuda's Feedback


      That folded mask in center is a JT Softstream. The were the Proflex of the mid-90s (sort of, between them and the X-Fire they're kind of the ancestors of the Proflex). I wore one for a while until I got a Spectra mask. The Softstream might be worth a little to someone who is nostaglic or wanting to outfit a kid (they fit a bit close). Maybe $20-25, maybe ever so slightly more, considering that they'll spend that much over again getting a replacement lens.

      The other two JT masks are some garbage they used to sell for field rental fleets or bundled in "starter kits" with crappy VL-branded Spyder clones. Hardly worth replacing the lenses on those two. Best use for them is to take a few deck screws and affix them to trees and bunkers at your field so they can startle the hell out of unsuspecting players. My local field does that with old, dead masks from time to time. I'm not too proud to admit that I might've reflexively taken a shot at one or two.

      The MR1 is the gem of this haul, to the extent there is one. Looks remarkably clean and even still has the shoulder stock. The shoulder stock is useless, of course, but that's never been an impediment to the milsim crowd. If it's in working order, I wouldn't take anything under $50 for it.

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        Originally posted by Cdn_Cuda View Post
        Some of those pictures are pretty balls-trippy…. Sorry, no help on values.
        Sorry, something happened on the upload lol

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          I would agree with those estimate

          Standard spyder clone blow back are around 25-35$

          MR1 should get slightly higher 60-80$

          I see Rap4 T68 around 250$ but they are usually M4 replica or other model. 8 D mag should help selling but the T68 is missing a stock or accessories to get that number. Is it working and no leaks?