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Price check - Splat Attack Revenge V2, Palmer Blazer, Phantom pump, Spyder

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    Originally posted by jdjordan View Post
    For anyone that is curious or wants to add data points for future appraisals I sold the Phantom for $175 shipped, I sold the Blazer for $365 shipped, and I sold the Revenge V2 for $3200 cash to a local buyer.

    Not a single person messaged me about the Spyder.
    Damn, Damn I sold 5 years to early. I sold before the cocker boom.

    I am continulally amazed at the prices of autocockers recently. I can remember not so long ago that was a 4-500$ gun max.

    Great job at getting the max you could out of that one.


      Thanks for the update jdjordan.

      Glad you got what it was worth.