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Price check - Splat Attack Revenge V2, Palmer Blazer, Phantom pump, Spyder

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    Price check - Splat Attack Revenge V2, Palmer Blazer, Phantom pump, Spyder

    ​I have a couple of classic (rare?) markers that have been in storage for quite a while and I would like to get a ballpark idea of what they might be worth. I know the Spyder is the stinker of the bunch. πŸ˜€

    Edit: It turns out that only 5 attachments are allowed per post... trying Imgur.

    Splat Attack Revenge V2

    Palmer Blazer

    Phantom pump unibody


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    Here are some more pictures of the Revenge and Blazer after a bit of a clean up.


      Cleaned up Phantom and Spyder.


        FYI...Not sure, If it's the same for everyone else here. But, the only pictures that are viewable above are of the Spyder. Also, the above Google link demands login info.πŸ˜’..otherwise they are not viewable!

        The Spyder definitely looks rode and put up wet! Probably $40-50 shipped as's still got some good bits on the crownpoint(??) barrel and exp-chamber. I don't think..I've ever seen a pivot trigger like that come stock on the the Spyder either. πŸ€” Might get an extra $15 or $20, if you scrub it up some.

        Edit...I had typed up this reply before your lastest post. Still can't see any of your cleaned up photos. I don't feel like logging into google today...πŸ˜‹
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          That's odd, I am able to open both links in an incognito window and view the albums without having to log into Google. I do see in the incognito window that only the Spyder pictures are showing. I'll see if I can fix that.


            I dig the phantom and revenge.


              Thats the revy ive been looking for


                You've got ALL the stuff for the revenge in one of the more uncommon colors, so I'd say it's worth a good chunk. I'd ask at least $1500

                Blazer is a 1K so $2-300? Probably less, they come up so rarely it's hard to be sure.


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                  Agreed on both

                Double stabbed Blazers complete but sitting for years sold as such on Ebay went from $250-$450. Higher price was blue with lightning anno.
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                • Jordan
                  Jordan commented
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                  Just a single Stab on this one... plus left feed and a 1k. Not the most desirable options, and harder to rebuild, too.

                The purple on the revenge is lovely
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                  The purple revenge is amazing!

                  Not sure it's $1500 amazing but autococker prices are crazy these days. Personally I'd start closer to $1000-1100 but like I said, it's worth what someone will pay.


                    I'd ask like 3000 for the revenge who cares the prices are bananas and thats a nice color. Don't get talked down too much and if it comes to it, put it on ebay. A good original revenge doesn't get sold as often as they used to. There are a lot of new nice cockers but not very many old ones that compare to the revenge v2.

                    The blazer 400 tops if its working good and if someone wants left feed.

                    Unibody phantom 200 or so. Spyder like 60 maybe but I don't know.


                      There's going to be a lot of people trying to get that revenge out of your hands for cheap. It is worth a lot, don't feel bad asking too much..because someone else will and it will sell.



                        Agree with Cunha, don’t let people tell you it’s not worth much and try to buy it cheap. That is beautiful!


                          First gen Blazer in unknown working condition is probably ~220 or so. Many buyers do not want to deal with a Blazer that wasn't just rebuilt by PPS. I have bought and sold several over the past couple years. Buy it, remember why I don't like it, sell it, forget why I didn't like it, buy another.

                          Spyder and Phantom all seem to be pretty well agreed on.

                          The Revenge I'm not too familiar with. 3k sounds crazy, only seen a couple cockers above 1600 or so on eBay, and they all sold at best offer vs asking.

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                            I think the main bit that got irritating is the integrated quick switch and the linkage that connects it to the trigger. That's actually been my pain point for all my PPS semi's.

                          • Cunha
                            Cunha commented
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                            un2xs it isn't very straight forward how to adjust the switch. You bend a rod between the trigger and the intergrated 4 way. That 4 way has 4 external O rings and 3 internal O rings and all of them can leak on their own, then you need to get that shaft in just the right spot to stop all the leaks. The cups in the 4 way are hard to tell which direction is correct, and when it is leaking you start to really doubt yourself.

                            They're just a lot harder to tune.

                            Fresh O rings and once tuned they were rock solid. I had a good handful of blazers and all just need oil in the ASA and shredded. I got a lot of magical accuracy with mine too, I really like them myself but compared to a cocker that everyone is used to, they're frustrating and you can't just throw one part away and replace it with a 5 dollar WGP 3 way like you can with a cocker.

                          • Euphie
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                            Early Blazers also IIRC have a different length of barrel shaft so off the shelf options like the deadlywind blazer barrel adapter are probably a no go, have to turn them down or see if Palmer will make their Autocoker barrel adapter in the 1K length. Not that there is anything wrong with a Palmer barrel, just some people might want to match paint. Not sure if these old ones have widgets.