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Someone school me on batteries and chargers

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    Someone school me on batteries and chargers

    Ok so, need a new battery for my creed. Which I have sorted out, here it is

    3.7v 1000mah. Here's the thing though, they need new connectors because the creed uses a jst 2mm. Like these

    So, no problem, some solder and I can make my own batteries. Here's the thing though, I'd like to bring a couple of batteries with me to a big game but instead of plugging and unplugging each battery into the marker to charge it, and wear down the connection on my board in the process, can I get a group charger? Something like this? What do I need to know about battery chargers to make sure they will work?

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    Charger has to be LiPo specific, other than that no other requirements. Be careful with cheap LiPo batteries, some are outright fire hazards.


    • Hellion360


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      Good advice on the battery quality.

    Originally posted by Shaftski View Post
    Charger has to be LiPo specific, other than that no other requirements. Be careful with cheap LiPo batteries, some are outright fire hazards.
    What should I look for?

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      Mostly online reviews. I've had good luck with some of the better reviewed ones on amazon.

      Lower currents for longer periods of time isn't a bad idea, just plan time for your charge cycles. Will produce less heat in the battery and charger circuit so it's a lot safer.

      I'm paranoid and won't charge LiPo batteries unless they are sitting on a non-flammable surface. Like a big piece of ceramic tile or a piece of sheet metal. So if there is an unfortunate charging incident, things can be contained and not cause a major fire. If a LiPo shorts, it can dump an INSANE amount of current in a very short period of time hence the fire danger.

      I like to check the polarity of each battery as I get them. More than once the leads were color swapped, test with a multimeter first.


        That plug is a usb balance/tree board. It plugs into a charger port on the front of a charger. Being the battery is a 1s 1000mah it will take 1 hour at 1 amp to charge 1 battery. So let’s say you have 3 batteries all 1s at 1000mah. You would need a 3 amp charger to charge them in parallel. Danger with the fire hazard comes from the fact you can’t balance charge a 1s battery. So say 2 of those batteries have 40% charge and 1 has 15% you could over charge the 40% batteries beyond the thermal threshold and they could catch fire. You would be better off buying a quality charger and charging them individually. Also knowing what the charge rate the battery can take is very helpful. I have 2s batteries for a rc race buggy that I charge at 8 amps all day and never have an issue.


          A charger like this would be more than capable of charging a quality 1s battery in 20 minutes…..again given it’s a quality battery.


            I don't really care about the time it takes to charge, but definitely don't want to cause a fire by over charging.

            So let's say I get a single charger to do one battery at a time, is it possible to still overcharge? Is that dependant on the battery or the charger?

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            • VonBraun63
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              The possibility is greatly reduced if charging one battery at a time. As posted a few times above the charger has to be able to properly charge lipo batteries. Any lipo charger worth its salt will be able to detect a couple key things in the battery
              - when it’s completed charging
              - internal temperature of battery when charging
              - internal resistance of battery
              - improper polarity
              With that said I would recommend going to any of the big RC/Drone websites and buying a name brand usb 1s charger and a lipo charge bag.

            Single charger and single battery is the best/safest way to do it. The problem arises when you are charging multiple batteries at the same time that are at varying charge levels.


              the usb is going to take awhile to charge all of them.

              lithium is a strange battery. its not like the standard lead acid or alkyl batteries people know.

              you should be fine but dont crush, bend, or puncture those packs.
              looks like its a low current use and you can get away with allot. i strated building RC Boat 18650 battery packs and felt like i was going back to school. lol

              since they are a single cell pack, you dont need to balance charge them. just dont drain them completely and dont overcharge them. dont short circuit them and dont keep them in your car on a hot day.