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What's it worth- 05 Ego

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    What's it worth- 05 Ego

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Name:	IMG_20210817_230747.jpg
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ID:	163034An old team mate is clearing out some old gear to update his kit. This marker has not seen the field for half a decade. It shot fine when last used. The board functions, but the display is dead.

    Input on pricing would be appreciated.

    I'd say verify if it works. $100 without knowing if it works (since it's basically a parts marker at that point) $150 if it does. The dead display is really a killer

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      The nice color is great. I'd say 100 too if I was buying it with unknown whatever.

      I think boards that are compatible are available, but the solenoids may be harder to find on those.

      Really like the color.


        I kinda want it. Probably 100 150 like others have said. Parts are getting harder to find for them.


          For reference I just sold an 05 Ego (in decent shape but not this nice) which fired but needed work for $170.
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            This one is so bluuuuue

            i wish eclipse never switched to the 2 tone stuff. The 09 ego and geo were the last really good looking ones to me.