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Does anyone make a horizonal feed that is angel threaded?

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    Does anyone make a horizonal feed that is angel threaded?

    Looking to convert a AGD Ule style body to stock class. I know KNM makes the printed adapters but thinking a angel threaded horizontal feed would be better if such a think exists.

    Action Markers did years ago


      I think the Action Markers Illusions were Angel threaded. They definitely had Illusion stock class feeds. I think they threaded in to the feedneck threads. However, those feeds are somewhat rare and expensive when they show up for sale.
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        I think there's an angel stub for the empire spring feed. You could make a stock class feed for that block or maybe cram n jam.

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          You want an Empire spring feed. It threads right onto a ULE body.

          I've got one I could send to you, actually. I bought it a while back and messed around with it for a year or so. But then I also, um...."improved" it some. I basically made a one-way feedgate so you could reload it without having to rotate or remove the plug, which was nice. It worked pretty well for me. But I stopped using it when I found the DNA 12-round speedloader.

          Anyway, if you're interested in the Springfeed, send me a PM. I'll give it to you for free if you pay for shipping. After all the mods I did, I doubt I could sell it anyway. But it would give you a good enough idea if it's something you like. Then you can go hunting for a better one. Sadly I don't think anyone sells them anymore, and when they did, they were about $50.
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