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old air tanks

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    old air tanks

    question, I know the 15 year hard rule for carbon fiber tanks, but is there any rule for similar aged tank regulators? getting back into the sport from the 2005 days I have an old angel air tank + reg and a smart parts max flo, are either of the regulators able used again? assuming I can find someone I can send them into for testing (if thats a thing) just curious. I already got a new empire tank + reg, but looking at a 2nd air tank, wanted to ask what the options were. thanks!

    If you can rebuild them they're good to go. Older Max Flos are completely oring rebuildable and pretty high performance so you should be good there. I don't know about the Angel Air, but I doubt they're rebuildable, and they aren't the greatest performance iirc.

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      I use a Maxflo on my dual-regged eNMey and it's works great. I believe you can still get parts for them, but capitalpaintball rebuilt mine for me so.... *shrug*
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