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Hammer lug keeps skipping?

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    Hammer lug keeps skipping?

    So here's an odd issue. Pre 2K evo with a CCM frame and pump kit. Set the lug so it reliably grabs and the A/T works properly. Put it away to work on other stuff, come back a couple hours later and now the sear doesn't catch. Done this three or four times, twice with zeroing the lug out and starting from scratch and it's still doing it. Any idea what the issue may be?

    Does the lug feel loose? It may need to be loctited in place. I would also see if your trigger is worn from the auto triggering.

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      Make sure your sear spring isn't worn out.


        Brand new frame, all looks good there.

        I was thinking the lug could be loose, but it doesn't spin freely, still takes a good amount of effort to adjust. Maybe I';ll try that next just to be safe.


          lug itself could be worn


            Any chance you have another hammer you could compare the original too? like, you know, run a different hammer through it and see if the problem can be replicated.


              Make sure the frame is pushed forward. If you didn't tighten it down it can slide backwards.

              Happens to T2s alot.