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GI Sports LVL

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    GI Sports LVL

    I'm considering getting one of these, to replace my Z2 since I'm not a fan of how wobbly the loader feels. This isn't going to be something I'd use all that hard or often. Is it a proper force feed loader (halo style) or is it more like an evolution, vmax, etc?

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    It’s a force feed good up to like 17bps. I’ve never had an issue with it playing 10.5 ramping, good on batteries too. You can probably find one for real cheap since it doesn’t seem to be people’s first choice.


      I have a LVL 1.5 and can't complain. Never had a jam or feed issue that I can recall. I eventually went looking for smaller/quieter option but if you're not crazy picky like me it's a great option.


        I just bought one as a backup and in testing it out it seems to be pretty good. Plenty fast enough and does what it should. They can be found used for around $50 shipped. It does seem a bit heavier than my CTRL but not too bad. The LVL feels like a tank compared to the Z2 in terms of durability.
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          The feed design of the LVL is great, but the lid will not stay closed.