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Rare grip frame identifying and appraisal?

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    Rare grip frame identifying and appraisal?

    I think it's a Jacko? But not sure.. chrome is 100% pristine. Any idea what it is and what it's worth?

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    Jackal and no expert on value. I would say being chrome hurts it a little but I would say probably 200ish


      I know ANS copied the Jackal frame, but I think they engraved a logo on it. So I'm willing to bet this is an actual Jackal Machine. Very nice frames. I had one for a while and sold it for $200 around 2008ish. You could probably get that much now. They don't pop up often.


        Definitely a jackal. The ANS version had a rounded trigger guard.

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          Yup, Jackal. Some were engraved, some weren't.

          I bought a chrome frame here on MCB for $150 within the last year. It had sat at $200 for a long time. You could probably sell it for $200 on eaby or one of the autococker facebook groups.