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90ci tank length?

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    90ci tank length?

    Thinking about going with a bigger tank. Who uses a newer 90ci tank and how long is the tank without the regulator in inches?

    Ninjas 90ci tank is 12” long.
    77ci is 11.5” long

    90 Is way to long for me. Probably going to need long arms or a drop forward.

    What are you shooting that you need a 90ci?


    • spikeball
      spikeball commented
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      It's not that I need 90ci for the capacity, but that I'm over 6ft tall and have long arms. I do play back with my speedball team sometimes. My GTI can shoot 8 pods and a hopper before it starts going low on my 77.

    I run one on my cocker. Little longer than a 68

    Click image for larger version

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      I run a 88/4500 FS hero tank on my Mag. It’s fits just about perfect. Maybe a 1/4” extra length to the 68/4500 ninja tank it replaced. The much shorter Hero reg makes having the bigger tank very usable. Nice piece of mind knowing I can’t carry enuff paint on field to have any concern of running outa air when shooting my Mag or any of my markers for that matter.

      I am of average height @ 5’10.
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      • Jordan


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        Fit me pretty good too, I'm around the 6'2" mark. Almost makes me want a 88 for the RT, but then I'd need a bigger harness for all the paint I'd shoot. 🙂