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2x2 rule sticky/pinned

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    2x2 rule sticky/pinned

    Does anyone still have a copy of the 2" or 2' rule for those 13ci tanks? The old forum had it sticky/pinned. A friend was asking as they are about to buy a few of these tanks, and I wanted to point them to the sticky for reference.

    Every time I have needed it I just google it. 2” round less then 2’ length (Aluminum 3k HPA tanks) are exempt from hydro. It’s on the DOT website and Most hydro pages have the info as well. Never had an issue yet in +20 years after showing the rule in black and white.


      #3 link:

      Snap shot of relevent table out of 49 CFR 180.209:

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        Thanks everybody!


          Job well done.
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