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Barrel Options - custom anodized.

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    Barrel Options - custom anodized.

    Alrighty, I’m pretty well versed in my barrels but I am looking to get a barrel anodized for my current build. That means the barrel I use is going to be with me for a while. My go-to barrels are standard Freak style but If I’m splurging on a new barrel, is it worth going with something else?

    I’ve never used new fangled barrel kits like a Freak XL or HK Laser or whatever. Are they any better than the tried and true Freak? Thanks

    Also, any recommendations for getting a barrel anno’d? Some places will only do full guns. I’m in Canada as well, but not issue in dealing with the US.
    Cuda's Feedback

    From what I have read on the freak vs freak xl, it seem the XL is a good upgrade

    I would recommend finding a 689 barrel that you like and that would fit your build and have is freak XL bored.
    For this you could check with BMC or maybe with Kit he seem to make some for his splatmaster kit?

    here os BMC website, they seem to be getting into ano too


      Can confirm the XL is a great barrel and slightly (but only slightly) better than the regular freak. If you have the length then by all means have it bored to XL inserts but if not I've never been disappointed by regular length freak inserts. The difference is mainly higher velocity for a given pressure and the XL doesn't seem to "curve" as many balls if you have bad paint.


        You really won't notice any difference between XL inserts vs standard. Keep it simple. Use one back, have a few inserts, and whatever tip(s) you like. If you already have Freak inserts, I really don't think it's worth spending any more money for results you won't be able to notice.
        Feedback 3.0

        Originally posted by SignOfZeta;
        Us beardos with wallets need to occasionally make our voices heard.


          I just had Arc anodizing do some small parts for me for a phantom build, polishing and color matching a single solid color. Pricing was reasonable, turnaround was a few weeks, didn’t have to pay until i saw a high res photo of the final product. Took a little while to get some answers on the initial quote, but overall I am a very happy customer and will use them again. I think they are in Texas if i remember correctly.