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Strange 3-way configuration

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    Strange 3-way configuration

    Browsing through eBay listings the other day and came across this contraption. Its sprung from what I can see and looks like it's just attached to the end of a stock 3way. Any ideas what it is?

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    Pneumatic assist pump setup. I think someone on here made a similar setup and sold them for a while... TJD something or other.
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      Yup, for a while to do a pneumatic "pump" was a popular mod. This looks like a home brew verses some of the more professionally modified set ups and TJD did and still makes a very nice kit:

      Click image for larger version

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        Oh duh. I completely overlooked the lack of an actuator rod. Makes sense if you take that out of the equation. I've seen the TJD kits but never without a pump handle.

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          This is a homebrew kit