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Non rebuildable reg rebuild

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    Non rebuildable reg rebuild

    How do I get these top hats off? Vice grips?
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    I would try a strap wrench before resorting to channellocks.

    Maybe hit the bonnet with a heat gun, or stick the bonnet in boiling water for a minute. There might be some sealant used if they didn't intend for it to be rebuildable.
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      If Heat serviceable permanent loctite, so ya need to heat it. Probably a plumbers propane torch quick & easy , might take quite awhile with a heat gun.

      Looks like someone used a pipe wrench already, a new Reg can be found for $40 +/-

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        I always figure that if they are asking to fix/rebuild something that is way easier to just replace, that it has to do with sentimental value more than anything else.

      Don't forget that it opens really easy since it's reverse threaded.
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        Are you messing with me? All the regs I've had so far are in regular threads.

      I bought a couple boxes of regs a while back for dirt cheap I'd like to make as many good as I can.