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Tippmann E-bolt / Low Pressure Kit value

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    Tippmann E-bolt / Low Pressure Kit value

    Hi All,

    I'm going through some of my old equipment that has been setting in my closet for quite awhile with thoughts on parting with everything. I can easily figure out the value of most of it with a quick google search, however, I do have a two e-bolt kits and a low pressure kit. Those seemed to have been discontinued quite a while ago so I am having a hard time finding much anything. Before I decide what I will do with my old gear, I thought I'd check to see if these parts have any value. Does anyone know if they are worth anything or is it just the value of the 98 custom, regardless of these parts?


    I do not know about Low pressure kit but the Ebolt could be in the 100-150$range each depending on condition and if it have everything as nos. Lpk maybe 50-75$ to the right guy.
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      You’re looking at right around $250.