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Where to go for stripping nickel/ chrome coating?

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    Where to go for stripping nickel/ chrome coating?

    Caustic says it costs $150 for the frame. That is prohibitive.

    anyone have cheaper options? I’ll ask around to other shops I have worked with, but if anyone has a good starting place, I am all ears.

    Looking for Angel LED single finger trigger. Also splashy mag parts.

    Chrome is easy to strip- basically just "reverse electroplate" it.

    Nickel is not so easy, and in effect has to be dissolved off chemically, or abraded off mechanically. The former can, and the latter will, damage the part. A shop experienced at chemically removing it and not damaging/pitting the part is worth every penny.

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      Is it easier to find a non chrome part?


      • Sharkytrav


        Editing a comment
        Yeah. Seems like it will be better to get a non chrome part. Thought maybe caustic was just expensive because they just didn’t like doing the process. If it is likely to be as expensive other places because of the difficulty, then it sounds like a different frame is the way to go.