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Tippmann Cyclone Quick Exhaust Help

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    Tippmann Cyclone Quick Exhaust Help

    This may sound a little silly, but.....

    I have a pre 2011 A5. The cyclone feed has a QEV banjo fitting on it already. I also have a Lapco QEPH cylinder I am putting on it. I know it may be over kill but;

    - What happens if I add the QEV banjo fitting connected to the Lapco QEPH cylinder?
    - Could there be a negative effect by doing this?

    My son came across a box that I thought was lost after a few moves. In it I found a project I had started years ago. A5, Low Pressure Kit, Palmer Stabillizer Reg, Every Upgrade for the internals out there lol. But the best find has to be the ICP B5 conversion. Totally shocked to find that one. So here we go again. lol. Ordered a Morlock board for this as well. Why not.

    Thank you for any insight you can provide.

    I have no idea! But it sounds super interesting so please post on your progress.