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Gauge Thread Question

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    Gauge Thread Question

    Looking for a 0-600 gauge for my Vortex Autococker. Both gauge ports are 1/8 NPT. One is on the side of the VASA, and one is on the underside of the front-block.

    Most of the gauges I find don't call out the thread size.

    Is it safe to assume that they are 1/8" NPT? Or are some 1/4" NPT?

    Mini and MIcro gages used in paintball are all 1/8 NPT in my experience. That is not the case for traditional gages they come in a variety of thread pitches.

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      Yeah if it's on the marker it's a pretty safe bet it's 1/8npt

      That's all gauge ports and hose fittings at a minimum (with the exception of stone spyder and spyder clones that use a metric thread for hoses)

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        Gauge ports are 1/8NPT unless in a few rare exceptions. In your case I agree it’s safe to say both ports are 1/8NPT. You can just put a grub screw in the port on the bottom to plug it. You don’t really need those gages once you get it set up. They are only accurate when new and break all the time. I usually pull them off all my cockers and plug the ports.