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Are intelliframe triggers compatible with classic c/f frames?

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    Are intelliframe triggers compatible with classic c/f frames?

    I've got a blade trigger I want to install on a SP Splash trigger frame for my mag. I figure (but don't know for certain) that that takes the same triggers as the classic c/f frames. Sure looks like there's a classic trigger on there.

    The blade trigger says it is for intelliframes. Will it work on the SP Splash trigger frame?

    So the answer is no to both. The intelliframe trigger is too thick at point where the pin goes in. The SP trigger frame's gap where the trigger goes in is .2 mm wider than the classic frame. But it is still about .2 mm too narrow for the intelliframe trigger (which measure about 4.92 mm). So, this bad boy is getting installed on my intelliframe.


      Further update: This blade trigger from AGD, advertised as working on intelliframes, is too wide. The intelliframe has the same inner dimensions as my SP trigger frame, about 4.72 mm. So... it's dremel time and then this bad boy is going on the SP trigger frame.


        Final update: Took about 2 minutes with the dremel to get it to size. Can't see the marks when it's installed. It's on my intelliframe. Seems nice. Couldn't put it on my SP frame. I tried to drive the pin out and it wasn't budging. Can't guarantee the pin wasn't installed the wrong way by the previous owner. So, instead of potentially ruining this beautiful frame, I'll leave the classic double trigger on it.