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ASA Adapter Thingy

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    ASA Adapter Thingy

    Picked this up off ebay. It was listed as an AGD ASA adapter, to convert the older 1-1/4" spacing grips to accept the newer 3/4" spacing grips.

    The plates / screws I got were all tossed in a plain zip lock bag, no instructions.

    Trying to figure out how it works, but im drawing a blank right now. All the holes are clearance for the screws, and counter-sunk both sides. The only odd hole is the tapped one on the longer plate, on the left side.

    The smaller silver screws fit through fine, and thread into the tapped hole. The larger black screw doesn't make sense, too big to fit in the holes and too big for the tapped hole. Wondering if it somehow got mixed in.

    The seller claimed it was from a closed paintball store and they were going through and listing a bunch of the old parts they found.

    Does anybody recognize this kit and know how it goes together?
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    I think I figured it out. One of the holes in the shorter plate is actually tapped to fit the larger screw.

    I think this may be how it fits together. The threaded portions would go up into the grip, and the counter-sunk screw heads would be what goes through the ASA fitting.
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      Early asa spacing was longer because not had to fit over the threaded knob area of the Nelson frame