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Bore size question

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    Bore size question

    Have an Ifit bore sizer kit on the way to put on my pump marker. This is one of the kits that screws into the marker, then the barrel screws into the adapter.

    When picking a barrel to use with these in-line bore sizer kits, does bore size matter? Or should I go with the largest one I can find to help ensure the barrel doesn't constrict tighter than my bore-sizer kit?

    Or am I just over thinking it, and bore doesn't matter on the barrel since the bore sizer is doing the work?


    As long as the bore of the barrel is bigger than the inserts you use. For example, if you don't plan on using inserts bigger than a 689, then a 689 barrel is good. If you use a 689 insert and a a 685 barrel, it won't be pretty.
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      Ditto on above.

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        What lazervike said. Just make sure it’s larger than the sizer.
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          So my thoughts were right. If I'm buying a new barrel, and have the option of bore sizes, pick the largest one. This way, I have the most options when picking my bore size insert.