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F4 Illustrator on HPA?

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    F4 Illustrator on HPA?

    I was curious if anyone has tried running an F4 on HPA? Given that it has one of the lighter bolt and hammer assemblies of the CO2 era that it might be able to run HPA without having a regulator shimmed to 850 psi or greater range. I still have access to CO2,however it would be good to know if this marker would be capable of operation on HPA before making the investment in a HPA tank. Please share your knowledge or experiences.

    I don't remember having any issues the couple of times I did it.

    If you are worried, is the a field in the area that will let you rent a tank fit a day off play?
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      I've done it, not much past fixing and chronoing it though. I didn't hit the field with it but it seemed fine on it

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        It really depends on the springing and the amount of wear and tear the marker has been through with how receptive it is on Compressed air. I am not sure if others have noticed this with Illustrators or have shot an illustrator as much I have seen them shot (as loaners / rentals), but they wear down internally and that throws of the tolerances that affect the recock and velocity. I have some illustrators where the body just needs outright replaced along with the springing.

        So, in short, low mileage illustrators work great on compressed air at 600 psi.




          Ran several Illustrators (though I never had an F4) on HPA [N2 at the time] without any real difficulty. All I had to do is add a nylon washer behind the hammer spring to "re-center" velocity adjustment. They are basic blow backs and should function fine on either CO2 or HPA. The only ones you have an issue with are blow backs that we originally setup to run off liquid CO2.

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