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Pump kit guide plate bending?

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    Pump kit guide plate bending?

    This may sound strange and I will try to explain it the best I can. On the main guide plate of my Vendetta pump kit, if I tighten the main guide rod - and not over tighten - it's as if it "bends" the whole guide plate to a point where the secondary guide rod is misaligned and the pump handle doesn't fit over the rods. If I loosen enough, everything is fine. I haven't aired it up yet to see if there are leaks, but I don't like the idea of the guide plate and main guide rod not being fully tightened. Maybe plate is made from cheap aluminum?
    Curious if anyone has run into this. I know that the vendetta handle fits CCM guides/rod but they won't have any more for a while or I would just go that route.
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    I had an inceptions kit where the secondary guide rod was slightly off center and would only work smoothly if rotated the proper amount, maybe something similar is happening with your main guide rod?


      Is it possible to flip the guide over? I know there’s an oring on the one side, so might not work.
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        Possibly but then I'd have to worry about removing the secondary rod to also flip around

      Some other suggestions made from others on a FB group.

      Changing o-rings on the guide plate. Or taking the plate off the pump handle, sliding it onto the guides, then tightening it back onto the handle.
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        sounds like the guide plate is flexing when tight. you could try to lube the main guide threads and orings and see if that helps em seat without flexing as much, or like u said try different orings. or try to set the guide rod slightly off center so that they align when tight
        had problems like this with older undercocking pump kits for phantoms, had to slightly bend the secondary guide rod to have smoother pump stroke