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What type of marker is this

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    What type of marker is this

    Could someone please help identity this marker that was given to my friend. I don’t have it in my possession yet to test it. Any help is much appreciated.
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    Vm68 or pmi-3. This model was the exc-68
    "but we all have electros and you guys only have pumps, this wont be fair"

    (chuckling quietly) "we know"

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      I confirm!
      Sheridan ID guide (by picture)
      Love my brass ... Love my SSR ... Hard choices ...

      looking for red/black or blue/silver phantom.
      XEMON's phantom double sided feed

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        I saw the top part of the first photo and immediately thought - "that looks like a VM68". I would not have made that immediate connection before I joined MCB. Honestly, I don't quite know how I feel about that.
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          This VM is clean!
          has probably not seen many days of action


            Definitely a vm68 exc, my brother rolled with one back in the day. She’s in great shape for her age.


              If he decides to sell it here what should he ask for it


                They definitely have the good old days of heavy duty hardware vibe going for them.

                Does a piranha or spyder do the same thing but smaller and better? Yeah...sorta.

                But the VM68 is cool.


                  My friend does want to sell, any suggestions on how much he should ask for it. Thanks in advance.


                    $100-$75 maybe because it’s so clean. It’s got a nice expansion chamber and Bottom line on it. Probably a later model and an attempt to modernize the older platform. This Let’s you put a larger tank off the back, shoot faster in the cold with C02. The original were limited to 2” round tanks that fit under the barrel the bottom line kit was a nice feature. They are heavy and clunky by today’s standard. But this will get the job done. Mine still works and shoots great. Tho Smaller bore barrel option would be all the thing would need to be a great performer. I think you can still get one from Palmer but dam they are pricy. I been keeping an eye out for a used small bore barrel myself. I shoot it every now and again for Nostalgia. Most people today don’t know what it is.