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Freak Insert Question

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    Freak Insert Question

    Picked up a marker with a freak back and 1 insert (.683 I think). This is the older, shorter inserts.

    Do I need to get a full kit with all the inserts? Or is there maybe 3 or 4 I can get away with?

    Also, any benefit to the stainless kits? I use to have a stainless set back in like 2005-2006 ish, that I used on my AC and my Shocker SFT. Unfortunately, I had sold that kit many years ago when I exited paintball.

    Honestly, I use my.684 insert almost exclusively.

    It really depends on where you play, and when.

    If you travel a full kit is nice as you can just rebore to the .675-.691(i wish) paint at the field.

    If you play the same field all of the time, your paint is going to be constantly within a range that allows you to get away with one or two inserts.

    As for stainless. Im not sure if its worth it, but I really love mine. I personally think any insert barrel is sub-par to a solid bore equivalent.

    The theory is stainless inserts are less effected by the ambient temperature. They are also more rigid which imo is the real benefit.

    But back in 2018-19 I went to fort knox, sherwood, and a few other traveling games. I would attempt to bore, and across all fields .684 worked the best back then.

    Today, you may want to get a .675 insert paint just keeps shrinkin.


      As mentioned, it depends. I've been using a .685 lately, over the summer was using even bigger. But then used a batch of really small stuff. I don't think you need a full set of 8 inserts or whatever, but 3-5 should be enough.
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        I am usually good with 684, 682 and 679
        when you buy a kit you often end up with several insert you never use (689, 691, 693)
        stainless back does not change anything in my opinion, but stainless insert last longer (but their size are usually larger so you buy a kit and only 2 are usefull...)


          I bought 3 inserts (679, 684, 691) plus had a 687 with my barrel and that's all I use. I found a nice 3D printed case for them that is flat and has a magnetic lid. It gives me what I need and is small and easy to carry. I have the full kit (which I'm currently trying to sell) and just don't find that I need it. I play at different fields but find the sizes I have cover everything just fine.
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            I usually only use .684, .687, and rarely .689. My local fields carry Graffiti paint and it's pretty much all I use.

            Stainless inserts are more durable, but if you have them in a proper case or in the barrel then you shouldn't ever have a problem. I also like the fact they are the same color, so I don't have a green insert in my red gun ect.
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              Short version - aluminum works fine. Pretty much any size will work, as long as it isn't too tight - which usually is no problem nowadays.

              In my mind it doesn't really matter whether the inserts are stainless or aluminum. If you mistreat your aluminum inserts bad enough that they get damaged, you're the problem - not the insert.

              Regarding paint size, and getting the appropriate sized insert, well - the debate of overbore, underbore or as exact bore as possible is as old as paintball. However, today it seems to have settled somewhat, with most (yes, not all) players agreeing that an overbore will in general be more consistent, although it consumes more air. So unless supply of air is an issue where you play, overbore will work wonders with just about any paint.

              The major issue today with the small paint isn't necessarily the bore of the barrel, but that the paint might be too small for the detents. Especially so with a force feed loader, which also might aggravate the hit that small paint might take in the stack, whenever the bolt shoots forward.

              But back to the issue of bore sizes - personally I usually have great results with overbore both with freak barrels, and older one piece barrels with rather large bore. So find just a few bores that you prefer.
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                I think the answer this question really depends on how many different fields you play at, the conditions you play in and what type of guns you're using. If you like to use an autococker or another closed bolt gun I'd recommend buying a full kit. Which I'll explain below.

                Paint ranges wildly in size these days. Although like many have said, you're typically covered by a few different sizes. But more recently I've seen very small paint comes from companies like HK army. This past year I used as big as .689 to a small as .675 and everywhere in between. I also shoot a closed bolt gun the majority of the time, I play in weather between 20° and 100°F and play at many different fields.
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                  Depends if the marker you picked up is open bolt or closed bolt. If it's open, I'd just get a big insert (just as long as it's not bigger than the bore of the rest of the barrel). If it's closed and you don't have to worry about rollouts, just depends on the paint you get. Getting just a few inserts is good enough... until it's not.

                  I personally like the stainless for its durability. I've dropped them a few times cleaning up at the end of the day. Dented an aluminum once. In particular, I always forget that it'll drop right out of my phantom barrel.


                    I was wrong, I have a .693 insert, not .683. Should be sufficiently overbored no mater what paint I use lol.


                      For an open bolt marker? Just get whatever will be consistently overbore for the paint you're typically shooting and call it a day.

                      Closed bolt? I think two or three inserts evenly spaced along the size range you expect to encounter should be sufficient. Instead of inserts, I just use LAPCO bore sizers with my Autococker and run a .689 CP barrel. For large paint such as Nelson, I can usually get away with running the barrel alone. For smaller paints, I have a .678 and a .685 bore sizer. That spread of sizes will cover most everything out there, within a reasonable tolerance.

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                        In this case, its a Shocker SFT, so open bolt.

                        I do have a closed bolt Pump that I am running a bore sizer system in, as i dont want roll-outs.