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Go Pro Helmet Mount on JT Proflex

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    Go Pro Helmet Mount on JT Proflex

    I’ve been mounting an action camera on my OG JT Proflex and have noticed that it seems to bounce a lot when moving. I think the frames a bit flexible, has anyone else noticed this? I’m using an HK helmet mount and a waterproof case that is on there tight. Do other masks provide a less wobbly base for the mount? I also have a profiler mask, anyone have experiencing mounting on this mask as well?

    I only had q contour, and I mounted that to a hard ear of my flex. You got some lens in the frame, but bouncing was not the issue.

    Now is your whole mask bouncing causing the frame bounce? Or just the camera to the lenses?

    Try double strapping for camera shooting. That or snag an og spectra bottom. And mount the camera to your face.


      I run a Hero 8 on my E-Flex in a customized aluminum skeleton box with a plexiglass shield in front.

      The actual mount on my frame is one of these things: S

      I found that the key to minimizing wobble when moving is to make the camera sit as low as possible to the mask to make everything less top-heavy. Seems like the HK mount you have is already good and low, if not lower than mine, so I'd take a look at your waterproof housing and see if there's anyway to shorten the mounting tabs any.

      Does your action camera have any electronic stabilization for the video? There's always going to be a degree of shaking when you move and having the camera's software take some of that out works wonders.