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AKA Sidewinder value

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    AKA Sidewinder value

    So I've been looking for a nickel plated OG sidewinder for a while now and drunkenly pulled the trigger on one for $200 on ebay.

    Did I get hosed? Are these regs as rare as they seem? To be clear it's the nickel plated AKA sidewinder, not the normal black anno type.

    It looks like you could by a brand new one Raw for $95, then send it out to be nickel plated, whatever that may cost.

    Website looks pretty current, more modern than back when I first ordered a sidewinder.

    AKA Paintball

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    RuleOfSines Feedback


      You got hosed Tommy. You got hosed.
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        Nickel plating I been told is not cheap, just doing that might run that cost.
        plus it depends on the version sidewinder you got. The older style were sought after and hard to come by.


          It's the old style and in mint shape. And yes, I know you can get one new I have bought 3 of them from Jared at AKA. This is specifically about the old school ones in nickel. Figured there might be some AKA aficionados on here that can value it.

          Well if I got hosed then oh well. I guess it's worth it to me for the look I'm going for with an autococker build.


            I was looking at that one, but didn't match my build. I don't think you did too bad, as others said, considering the cost of the nickel, plus your time to send it out and rebuild afterwards etc.


              Yeah I agree. I remember the old school sidewinder and 2 liters were going for like 200-300 or so. And again they rarely come up.


                Thanks for the info on those. I know they were going for crazy money when AKA was out of stock but now they're stocking regs regularly it's not the same.

                Autococker building is an expensive game lol


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                  Especially when alcohol is involved lol

                • gabe
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                  Learned that lesson lol