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What barrels can be re-threaded to Autococker?

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    What barrels can be re-threaded to Autococker?

    What barrels can be re-threaded for autococker threads? I guess I'm just looking for kind of a YES/NO list.

    I read in another post that Spyder threads major diameter is too small to re-thread to cocker. How about others, like A5, Ion, etc...?
    Rainmaker's feedback:

    Ive always wondered why dont people make threaded sleeves, then simply turn the sleeve?

    Say spyder, yes its too small, but if you took an aluminum sleeve that was spyder threaded inside. Thread thqt onto said barrel, green loc tite it on, and turn new threads on the OD.

    Then any barrel is cocker threadable.
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      SSC offered to do this exact thing in case there is not enough meat on a Spyder barrel.

    Technically anything with a 1 inch od area
    a5 no, phantom no, Spyder no, angel possibly, mag possibly


      I think it would be cost prohibive to rework a Mag barrel for that. To much going on in the breach, feed hole, lock grove & detent ect.

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        I know I had this chat with BMC not too long ago, and he didn't know off the top of his head on specific barrels, and I couldn't find the info out there.

        He is actually grinding down a twist lock automag barrel into a cocker threaded freak bored barrel. I don't know if he is a fabricator or a wizard.


          Xmagterror on har milled Automag twist lock barrels to autococker threads. I bought one myself, and it works very well. A bit pricy, but then again, his whole line is about making an Automag look as spectacular as possible.
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            Just depends on the barrel. Brandon at BMC was able to bore and rethread this Spyder PMI SS barrel into AC threads for me. But as you can see he had to go above the old threads where the barrel was thicker and beacuse of that the barrel is also slightly shorter now. That barrel has a pretty large O.D. though.
            Click image for larger version

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              Some time ago I asked SSC if he would be able to rethread a Spyder barrel to cocker threads. He offered to grind the threads down to flat, thread a sleeve to cocker threads, loctite it on. I never had it done, but that is an option that would work. I just don't like the idea of things loctited together and also his reputation hasn't been great (yet again).
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              Originally posted by SignOfZeta;
              Us beardos with wallets need to occasionally make our voices heard.


                BMC cut down a Dye Ultralight back for me and rethreaded it to A/C threads. I'll post pics later

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                  Originally posted by Ecapnation View Post
                  Technically anything with a 1 inch od area
                  a5 no, phantom no, Spyder no, angel possibly, mag possibly
                  On an angel thread the length is long enough to have an "extender" with female angel thread on one side and cocker male on the other. No machining needed on the barrel and no step or transition piece as its over the standard thread.
                  Saw a guy here with a titanium DYE back in angel thread and he have this part so he can use the same barrel on his angel and on his DYE cocker


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                    Yup ... I have one of those