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12oz C02 tanks

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    12oz C02 tanks

    I have two old 12oz tanks. Been sitting mostly full for I don’t know, 20 years? Were the 12ozers exempt? At any rate I want to empty them. I’d like to shoot them empty but not sure if the contents would be rusty, crusty or otherwise too dirty to put through a marker at this point. What do y’all think?

    If the OD is under 2" they should be exempt.
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      I doubt they are any good anymore. All of the 12 oz bottles I've seen/used have an outside diameter of >2 inches so not exempt.

      If the are aluminum 12 oz bottles there shouldn't be any corrosion/dirt to worry about more then what they were filled with.

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        Are they steel or aluminum? (a picture with a stamping on the shoulder would help)
        you can always add an in-line filter to the gun if you're worried about it.

        I would drain them and do visual inspection fo the inside if you know what to look for. Next step would be hydrotesting/x-day/ultrasound for crack detection.
        If you're really worried about it, don't use them ... stay safe.
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          I’d use them to target practice with all my junk paint and then chuck them in the bin. New ones are roughly $34 shipped (quick eBay check).


            They are chromoly afaik. I don’t have any attachment. They have sat since I got my first HPA tank. I just really wanted to know if there was harm in emptying them through a gun in the backyard before I dispose of them.