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What is going on with my Pro-lite barrel?

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    What is going on with my Pro-lite barrel?

    So I was trying to get my pro-lite to chrono properly, I was getting into the 260s, a slight bit more spring pressure and I think I have it. However, I noticed I was chopping paint rather badly even just testing shots, and even before I chopped some would fly off in random directions.

    Looking at it closer, there were barrel threads visible in the breech, I thought it was odd, so I unscrewed it. Took a good look at it and it seems there is a metal sleeve on the barrel, I assumed it was to keep it tight with the shroud, but I figured it had to be interfering, so I grabbed a stock A-5 barrel. The A-5 barrel fit perfectly, so it certainly wasn't my threads being damaged in the gun.

    Taking the shroud totally off, screwing in the pro-lite barrel and again, I can see threads and a gap in the breech when I look inside. Unscrewing my barrel to look at it's threads in case they are damaged and I notice it. There is a full 3/4" of threads on here, not only that but the sleeve that goes into the breech is only 1/4" deep. Having the A-5 barrel handy I compare them and they are in fact totally different threads. Both 20-tpi, but there aren't even close to that many threads on the A-5 barrel.

    So the question is, what marker is it for? It clearly uses the same threads as Tippmann as it screws in fine, but it isn't setup for a Tippmann at all, and now I am thinking that metal sleeve on the barrel is the exact size and shape so that it would be tight to a pump arm not the Tippmann shroud. Does anyone know of a pump that has barrel threads that are almost but not quite Tippmann threads?

    It occurs to me I should add photos:

    and the detail on the threads, the whole in gun section looks to be about an inch long

    I couldn't find my macro lens, but I don't think any more detail on the threads would help too much, it is 20 tpi though


      Not prolite....

      That being said if it's a J&J I've seen that thread before on a J&J brass I have.....never figured out what it went to


        It reminds me of the Armson pump barrels, But they are metric and closer to 24 tpi. It’s not that far off from a Poison/Cobra barrel which are also 20 tpi.