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Half Block Bolt Sleds

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    Half Block Bolt Sleds

    Working on a half-block Triolgy and having some issues when I change the bolts. I have a few different half-block
    length bolts but some seem to bind and jam while others work. The pump has a fairly stiff return spring as well, but if I change it out the bolt will bind as well. This has me thinking it’s an issue with my bolt sled.

    Here’s the sled (white Delron) on my other half block and it’s as smooth as possible and the my trilogy’s sled (black). Is there any benefit to having dual ridges on either side of the body or will a sled designed more like a mid-block work?

    Click image for larger version

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    Cuda's Feedback

    Having just aired it up and shot it I’m actually quite impressed. It shoots pretty nice and so don’t mind the firm pump return spring. I don’t need to fight it to pump. The Stifi barrel is pretty quiet as well.
    Cuda's Feedback


      You may have some differences in the height of your halfblock milling. I had to sand down the bottom of a sled to work on one Trilogy where it worked fine on another gun. The difference wasn't noticeable by eye, but it was definitely making the bolt bind.


      • Cdn_Cuda


        Editing a comment
        Would make sense. Works better with a long bolt than it does with a shorter bolt. My ID bolt jams, but my longer midblock bolt works well.

      My half blocked trilogy was binding up until a made a slight bend to the pump arm.