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Which grips fit the OG proto matrix rail?

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    Which grips fit the OG proto matrix rail?

    I got a PMR from ShopGoodwill and it works just fine - I’m glad it doesn’t have any major issues! Just a few nicks in the anno. The grips it came with are not my thing and make it feel like I’m holding a brick.

    Which grips fit the PMR? I tried some 45 grips I had lying around and it didn’t fit. There are some used stock grips on the bay for like $20 shipped, but I’m looking to see if there’s broader general compatibility.
    Originally posted by Chuck E Ducky:
    “You don’t need a safety keep your booger hook on the bang switch.​“

    They had grips unique to themselves


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      Ok thanks. I will figure it out then - probably check the bay.