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Whoosh Barrels do they work?

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    Whoosh Barrels do they work?

    So I've been seeing Whoosh Barrels floating around and have been wondering do they do anything but look cool? I have a build I am getting ready to start and the aesthetics of the Whoosh Barrel would look interesting but wondering if they have any other value besides looks and "uniqueness".

    "When you are asked if you can do a job, tell 'em, 'Certainly I can!' Then get busy and find out how to do it." - Theodore Roosevelt

    Feedback Link -

    I can compare mine against my stock CCM barrel if you want. It might not be until this weekend though. I’ll be just a video though, no fancy equipment
    JeepDVLZ45's Feedback


    • flyweightnate
      flyweightnate commented
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      You can download a "sound power level meter" app for most phones now... not calibrated (except for some flagship phones) but as a relative measure pretty accurate.

    • Grendel


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      Thank you, that is more effort then I was expecting. Honestly figured I would just get anecdotal opinions and actual comparison is greatly appreciated.

    I didn't notice a huge difference on the SM-1 I had on a Sterling. But the Carter one really made a huge difference on my A5. Put the same thing on my DRV... not as crazy. It really depends on the marker. I'm imagine on modern spool guns it might make them even better.


      So key is packing them. I used felt rapped the porting and sowed it together like a cylinder. You can use dryer sheets but I haven’t tried that. The porting vents back toward you so it makes your marker sound louder behind it. However on the other side of the field on the business end it’s effective at reducing sound signature. The larger ones work better more material in them helps. They are just harder to aim because the barrel tip is like 2” around. They make it harder to judge direction of an incoming shot. I had a Dye threaded Gen 2 the smaller one like the SM1 barrel Jeep is selling on my Phantom with a tight bore to paint match that tip and 12g it was very quiet.

      I have the Sterling with the SM1 barrel that LT Headshot is talking about and it wasn’t packed. I packed it with the same felt like material I found at a fabric store and it made a big difference.


      • Lt. head-shot

        Lt. head-shot

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        Ahhhh that makes sense. The packing on my Carter was too big to use on the SM1 so I never packed it. Never thought about Dryer sheets either!

      • Chuck E Ducky

        Chuck E Ducky

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        Correct you want the material to fill the void but let the vented air/gas pass threw. Otherwise it will just go out the end like a unported barrel (loud) I found a thick breathable material from a fabric store. It fils the void and still let’s it vent. Makes a different pop noise but back toward the user threw the vents in the back cap cover.

      I actually just dusted mine off and used it again this past weekend. It's a novelty item, and is fun. Definitely reduces sound when setup correctly.
      Problem is (as someone else pointed out already), you can't aim worth a damn with them. On the drive home I was wishing I wouldn't have even used it - I missed several shots I would have otherwise made. The next time I use it will be in a less-competetive atmosphere.
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        The larger cans do that. The SM1 and 2nd Gen Whoosh are a lot easier to aim I think. They are only about 1” around.